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Sincerity Uncompromised

A Path to Inner Liberation and Self-Mastery

Written by Hans Plasqui

Sincerity Uncompromised explores the multi-layered relationship between spiritual awakening and psychological shadow work, both through Ameen’s own challenging ordeal of waking up, and—more universally—through his teachings. But what makes this book unique is that it also details the trials and pitfalls of life after awakening—and it does so from a teacher’s point of view.


Because the nuts and bolts of the post-awakening domain are rarely spoken about there is a scarcity of material on this subject. Yet, this book withholds nothing. It speaks candidly, vulnerably and transparently about the nuances of spiritual transformation. Reading it brings the process of waking up closer to home. It will appeal to all who aspire to bring a more awakened awareness into their everyday lives.


See below to read a sample.

Available from the 27th May




Kindle Edition



5.5" x 8.5", p.236,  Isbn: 978-1-8383836-1-9


Sincerity Uncompromised is a spiritual gem, which has the potential to become a classic in the realm of Self-discovery. Ameen’s wisdom will easily connect with the mind and heart of any genuine seeker of Truth. He is a powerful authentic teacher—wise, subtle, deep, compassionate and accessible. Seek him out.”


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