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Advaitaholics Anonymous
Sobering Insights for Spiritual Addicts
Shiv Sengupta

This book is a game-changer for the genre of spiritual and wisdom teachings. It’s a grab-you-by-the-collar-and-tell-it-to-you-straight kind of experience that readers will find refreshing and liberating. 


With raw honesty and a caustic wit the author, Shiv Sengupta, draws our attention to some of the most fundamental questions about reality and human existence while refusing to settle for any of the rote answers that have been provided to us by scriptures, teachers and philosophers. In fact, he provides no answers of his own. Instead, he insists that it is up to each individual to determine truth by themselves. 


Teachers, practices, rituals, communities... in short spiritual culture, is the very thing standing in our way, according to Shiv. This “culture of spirituality” is a decoy. A distraction designed to keep our vision constantly looking away from what is most evident. As long as we continue to outsource our truth-seeking to middlemen and institutions (who are more than happy to oblige us) the only truth we can hope to find is an off-the-rack variety—grossly hyped, overpriced and lacking any real substance. 


Truth, Shiv claims, is not some rare glimpse reserved for elite mystics and profound sages. It belongs to everyone and is accessible by everyone regardless of their background. 


All that is required is self-honesty. 


Filled with fascinating personal stories, profane humour, captivating metaphors and stunning insights—Advaitaholics Anonymous is a delightful slap-you-in-the-face kind of book that will restore your spiritual sanity.

About the Author


With his avant-garde, no-nonsense approach to the existential questions of life, Shiv’s work has captured the minds of readers across the globe. With a balance of caustic wit and profound insight, his writing throws down the gauntlet for each person to confront reality by themselves, without the assurances of authority figures, the dictates of dogma and the comfort of cultural belief systems.


A Canadian citizen born and raised in India, Shiv can be contacted via his website:

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5.5" x 8.5", p.288,  Isbn: ​978-1-9162903-6-5


I have read them all, studied them all, from Jed, to Ramana, Osho, etc. I have been on this so called journey for over 20 years and after a few awakening moments having reached unity consciousness and all that jazz, found myself back here. Good old normal life. Shiv's book is an absolute diamond. It quenched my thirst for some general missing pieces and then somehow sobered me up real quick. After the last chapter I was sitting there just dazed, realizing how much bs and how many carrots I have chased. An amazing book that I suggest to anyone willing to stop stroking their own self importance. I have already sent 2 books as gifts. Well worth its weight in gold. review,
March 2021

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