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Actuality: Infinity at Play

Amaya Gayle


“Do we have to give up feelings – should we try to be in line with teachings and beliefs that say our experience doesn’t matter?” says Amaya Gayle. Of course not!

Here is no haunting by ghosts that whisper to our unconscious: Separation is bad, a mind filled with thoughts is the way to entrapment and ignorance, the ego really doesn’t need to be around.


Amaya makes the link between the subtlety and splendor of our experiencing and the Infinite Aliveness of Actuality. She makes the link, indeed, but moves on to describe how that link is broken by our preconceived beliefs of consensus reality. Then she destroys the link from another line of attack – there is no ‘link’, only the not-two. Yes, she tells us of not-two but she avoids the contemporary non-dual/advaita traps of arid nihilism or spiritual bypassing.

She is easy but awe-struck, practical but transcendent. Amaya has no pretensions to be a teacher, yet she revives the timeless language of the Actuality within and behind appearances to resonate with our here and now.

A pursuit of truth sparkling with a wisdom that has been through the fire.

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8.5" x 5.5", p.201,  Isbn: 978-1-7385296-1-2. Published April 2024

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