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Collision with the Infinite:
a life beyond the personal self

Suzanne Segal

Preface by Stephen Bodian


An authorised reprint of this spiritual classic with a new preface by Stephan Bodian, friend of the late author and the original editor of Collision with the Infinite

Stephan writes: “Since the book first appeared in 1996, spiritual awakening and the nondual perspective it reveals have become increasingly popular among seekers who realize the limitations of progressive practices and want more immediate access to the limitless openness and freedom of their essential nature. At the same time, a number of teachers have emerged who point directly to this truth and invite their students to inquire into their experience, rest in awareness, and realize the truth for themselves.

Long before these resources were readily available, Suzanne had a powerful awakening that completely obliterated the illusion of a separate self. But in 1982 she could find no one to guide her through the process, and as a result she spent years in fear, wandering from therapist to therapist, desperately trying to cure herself of being no one, because no one in her world knew what to make of her experience. After a dozen years in the wilderness of what she describes as a spiritual wintertime, she emerged into the radiant springtime of full nondual realization. Because she awoke without a teacher or tradition, and her understanding was so complete, her detailed descriptions of how the vastness functions through these body-minds to realize itself in form are original, and fresh from their source.

I’m thrilled to have this spiritual classic back in print, after years of languishing in obscurity. Now I can begin recommending it to my students once again and share with them the clarity of her vision. As I say in the afterword, Suzanne never pretended to be a teacher, preferring instead to call herself a describer of what it’s like to live as the vastness. In this profound and articulate memoir, she chronicles her journey, and in the process transmits the wisdom that revealed itself to her.”

—Stephan Bodian, Author of Wake Up Now and Beyond Mindfulness

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5.5" x 8.5 ", p. 190,  isbn: 978-1-9993535-3-4


Collision with the Infinite is like a diamond on fire with living spirit, and a testament to the strange and wonderful ways that spiritual awakening can unpredictably burst forth in any one of us at any time. Read this book as what it has always been, a modern-day revelation of how spiritual presence came alive in one extraordinarily ordinary woman, and how she embodied it like the sky embodies a shooting star.”


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