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Advaitaholics Anonymous
Volume III

An Antidote to Spiritual Enlightenment

Shiv Sengupta

Truth-seekers begin their forward journey believing life to be suffering and imagining the elixir of enlightenment to be the cure to the human condition. Yet, after years of spiritual practice, myriad teachings and mystical fireworks they may eventually arrive at a space where all remedies have been exhausted, all paths well-worn, all rabbit-holes thoroughly excavated and still… that gnawing sense of something missing persists.

This is when the return journey commences—beginning with Sobriety, it turns to Anarchy and eventually leads to the Antidote

The Advaitaholics Anonymous series which began with seeing through the veil of addiction to spiritual culture in Book One… then matured into opting for a path of ruthless self-governance in Book Two… now culminates in the recognition that this ordinary life, which we had sought to transcend, is the very elixir we once went in search of—in this, Book Three of the series.

With his signature style, combining hard-hitting honesty with elegant prose and a caustic wit, Shiv brings his unwavering message home with a resounding finality… that life, exactly as it is happening in this moment, is the only real miracle. All else is smoke and mirrors—including enlightenment.

Shiv lives with his wife and two daughters in British Columbia, Canada, and can be contacted via his website:

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Kindle Edition



8.5" x 5.5", p.286,  Isbn: 978-1-7397249-3-1

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