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Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition:
the art of listening

Billy Doyle

Preface by Ellen Emmet


"In this book, author Billy Doyle, who was a yoga teacher before he met Jean and spent 15 years studying the body approach closely under Jean’s tutelage, brings us a carefully curated and meticulously presented guidebook to this work that can be applied by the reader to powerful effect. 

Jean realized that identification as a separate self is more than just a mental phenomenon—it’s deeply rooted in contraction and fixation in our physical and energetic structure, as the result of a lifetime of conditioning. By bringing gentle, nonjudgmental, nonmanipulative awareness to sensation as we move through the poses, we can release the hold that separation and identification have over us and free ourselves to realize our essential nature, as beings of light. 

For yoga teachers, this wise book introduces a method for using the practice as a doorway to a deeper dimension of being. And for students of Advaita, it helps ground the teachings in direct apperception and allows conceptual understanding to dissolve in being understanding. As a complement to your other practices and readings, I believe you’ll find that it has the potential to increase your understanding immeasurably.”

—Stephan Bodian, Author of Wake Up Now and Beyond Mindfulness

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5.83" x 8.27 ", p. 164,  isbn: 978-1-9993535-6-8


“In Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition: The Art of Listening, not only does Billy Doyle faithfully represent, in a clear and contemporary manner, the perennial understanding that lies at the heart of both the Vedantic and Tantric traditions. He also infuses this book with the transparency and luminosity of his own experience, imbuing it with a gentle power that will return the reader to the heart of their experience again and again.”

Rupert Spira, Author of Presence Vol.I&II, Being Aware of Being Aware

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