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The Treasure House

Discovering Enlightenment

Exactly Where You Are

Mike Kewley

Mike Kewley shares his experience of seeking and how he found that awakening or enlightenment is here, in the everyday things of life. Mike fell in love with the ordinary. Ordinary life, he reveals, is the real miracle, not fireworks and crazy ecstasies, nor the oceans of calm (but lifeless) detachment…

In The Treasure House, contemporary spiritual dilemmas are also addressed. Using moments and themes from his own life-experience, he shows how someone with a non-dual awakening can benefit from the practices of mindfulness, while practitioners of mindfulness can benefit from non-dual insights.

See below to read a sample.

About the Author

Mike Kewley teaches mindfulness from the Isle of Man in the UK, where he lives with his wife and children. He is the eldest son of Meditation Master Dhammachariya Pannadipa and has been exploring meditation and non-duality for over 20 years.

Mike holds degrees in Religious Studies and Western Esotericism and his teachings are deeply influenced by neuroscience, Zen Buddhism, Vipassana and other wisdom traditions. 

He has worked with thousands of people, helping them to develop psychological well-being and awaken to their true nature which is a treasure always here, always now, within us.   




Kindle Edition



8" x 5", p.150,  Isbn: 978-1-7397249-5-5

Praise for
The Treasure House

"Mike Kewley writes with beautiful clarity and simplicity about the beautiful clarity and simplicity of enlightenment itself. In entertaining vignettes based on his own experiences, he reminds us that spirituality illuminates the most ordinary aspects of life, filling them with wonder and beauty."


—Steve Taylor, author of Extraordinary Awakenings and The Adventure: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening.



"The true power of Mike’s book is its ability to simply and elegantly demystify spirituality and get to the heart of the matter as to why many of us seek. It is an important and much needed work. One that I’m sure will leave a lasting impression on the reader."

—Zahir Khan, Spiritual Teacher and author of Falling into the Mystery.

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