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The Ten Thousand Things

Robert Saltzman

The original edition of the acclaimed book with photographs taken by Robert to accompany each of the 40 chapters. Scroll down to see a sample from the book

​"You do not have to believe anything in order to be alive. Like the stars in the sky, this aliveness is present whether noticed or not, and when the contraction called "myself" relaxes sufficiently, the aliveness feels obvious and indisputable. That relaxation of the clenched "myself" feels like having been roused from a dream to find oneself alive and aware ... What is, simply is, and cannot become anything. Each moment feels fresh, different from any other, and entirely unspeakable. The future never arrives. Enlightenment is a non-issue - not worth thinking about. One simply experiences what living human beings experience from moment to moment, and that's it. And that is sufficient. "

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​Paperback | ISBN:978-1-9993535-0-6 | 8.5" x 8.5" | 290p | Dec. 20th 2018

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About the Author

In the midst of his career as an artist and photographer, Robert Saltzman experienced a sudden and profound awakening—a deep vision into the actual nature of “myself.” That abrupt change in point of view, along with a subsequent long illness and slow recovery, changed the course of his life. He left the art world, obtained a doctorate in Depth Psychology, and began his practice of psychotherapy, a work he describes as "days in a small room, face to face with pain and suffering." As an adjunct to his therapy practice, Robert established a website, that featured his replies to questions about psychology, consciousness, and ordinary problems of living such as relationships, personality disorders, sexuality, mental illness, death and dying, etc. That site became the most popular ask the psychologist webpage on the internet, and has welcomed over four million visitors. In 2012, Robert moved his question and answer work to a Facebook page where it continues to this day. The Ten Thousand Things is a book about awakening, consciousness, philosophy, and spirituality. Forty chapters based upon Robert’s replies to questions posed to him on Facebook.


This is one of those books that will stay nearby for years. Right now it sits next to where I sit to drink my coffee and watch the sunrise each morning. A few pages of The Ten Thousand Things has become a daily part of this most precious ritual. Robert Saltzman's book is the fruit of his lifetime of intelligent inquiry and received grace. And I feel this as I read. That I am in the hands of someone who is uncompromising in seeing and saying the crisp, hard, transforming truth of reality as it's been revealed to him. reviewer

Robert's book is a breath of fresh air and has literally blown away all remaining ideas and beliefs I held about what's true, about what it means to be 'awake'. A readiness to be my own authority, fully, versus following others or hanging onto others' ideas and concepts arose while reading the 2nd chapter. Wow! A readiness to live in a 'not knowing' state. A readiness to be a 'clean slate' in every moment and see for myself 'what is'. This brought about a palpable sense of freedom. reviewer

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