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Invitation to Silence: sayings to awaken the self

Jean Klein


This beautiful small book contains quotations by Jean Klein addressing a wide range of subjects and questions. The quotations have been selected from the ten published volumes of his teachings by Billy Doyle, a noted teacher of Kashmiri Yoga and long-time student of Dr. Klein.

Jean Klein was a pioneering Western teacher of Advaita whose influence, via distinguished students of his work, is still strongly felt in our own time. His teaching belongs to the direct approach which points straight to our real nature. It is not concerned with progression, mental activity, spiritual achievement or any form of striving. On the contrary, Dr. Klein’s work is concerned with a profound letting go. It takes us directly to what is beyond the mind, to inner stillness and peace, beyond the limited psychological, to infinite expansion, to pure love, in other words, to being what we fundamentally are.

The book features an Introduction by Emma Edwards, the original compiler and editor of Dr. Klein’s published works.

About the Author

Jean Klein was a musicologist and medical doctor originally from Central Europe. From an early age he had the inner conviction that there was a “principle” independent of all forms of learning. The exploration of this led him, in the early 1950s, to spend several years in India studying Advaita (non-dualism) and yoga. From 1960 he started teaching in Europe and later in the United States.

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8" x 5", p.86,  Isbn: 978-1-7397249-9-3. Published December 2023

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