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Dancing with the Void: the innerstandings of  a rare-born mystic

Betty Camhi and Gurubaksh Rai


Born in Denmark, in 1890, Sunyata was from birth, utterly without desire, ambition and ego. Thus, the name "Sunyata"—and description of "rare-born mystic"—was given to him years later in India by the revered sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi. 


A lover of silence and solitude, Sunyata remained untouched by the common worldly conditioning that entraps so many. His fateful journeys, inspiring friendships, and the spiritual wisdom shared in these collected writings, all reflect the soul of an authentic seer. 


Sunyata's experiences and musings are ever relevant, for they concern something that is of value to all—the illumination and liberation of the human spirit.


Adyashanti writes, “Sunyata was the rarest of incarnations. A naturally born enlightened being of singular uniqueness and inventiveness. The story of his life is itself a profound spiritual teaching and a living example of how awakened spirit moves through the challenges of life."

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Kindle edition



8.5" x 5.5", p.320,  Isbn: 978-1-7385296-0-5. Originally published in 2001, this edition published February 2024

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