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Here, Now, One
A Practical Guide to the Spiritual Life
Terry Moore

In Here, Now, One Terry Moore has given us—whether we are experienced practitioners or comparative newcomers—an extraordinarily helpful guide to integrating spirituality into our daily lives. From within a Sufi paradigm, Terry’s inspiring admixture of mysticism and sheer practicality can be used within the framework of almost any religion.  

Don’t mistake this universality across cultures, doctrines and practices for a lightweight cherry-picking expedition, though. We are not being invited to leave the bits we don’t like on the side of our plate, but we are being informed and guided by a wisdom garnered over years of study, exploration and practice. Terry shares the value of techniques and the philosophies that underpin them with an emphasis on the constant interplay between the inner life and the outer life.  

As Terry says: “My only interest here is in being of principial or practical help to my fellow travelers as we journey from our illusion of separativity to the reality of the One.”

About the Author

Terry Moore has been involved in spiritual seeking and spiritual traveling for a very long time. His pursuit led him to a Sufi Order in 1975. Since then, Terry has filled various roles at different levels of guidance, giving counsel to those seeking the truth. Terry is also the founder of the Radius Foundation, which seeks new ways to unite diverse conceptual paradigms such as religion and science, and an entrepreneur devoted to finding solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.

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5.5" x 8.5", p.172,  Isbn: ​978-1-8383836-0-2


As one who has read numerous books about and of instruction on the spiritual path, I feel compelled to say that this book of Terry Moore’s is one of the most important books of its genre to be published in many decades. The accessibility of the language, the organizational style and the very helpful manner in which the information is given reveals not only a very well informed author, but a generous soul. There are many useful tools, even in the design of the book – such as the section on “how to read a sacred text” – that are sure to come in handy for all levels of serious seekers, and I would suggest that everyone who is serious about the spiritual path should have this book in their collection.. review,
April 2021

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