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Real World Nonduality

Reports From The Field

Eleven new writers tell us how the ‘direct path’ approach as described by Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon (1883 –1959) became woven into their daily lives. None of the writers are claiming enlightenment or liberation and yet we can each find something in these essays to learn from and identify with. In these essays you will find a mirror of your own journey. 


The writers explain in engaging detail how this approach enriched and refreshed their enquiry and their established practice, be it Sufism, Buddhism, Christianity, Western philosophy, Advaita Vedanta or ‘new age’. 

As Greg Goode writes in the introduction, “Readers may find it a useful springboard to look at nonduality from different angles or learn that someone else is experiencing the same issues they are going through.” 

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Purchase from

​Paperback | ISBN:978-1-9993535-1-3 | 5.5" x 8.5" | 212p | Dec. 18th 2018


The Direct Path has taken all the dead and brittle facts and doctrinal principles I was already well acquainted with and breathed life into them.

                   —James Hurley (contributor)


“I wish I’d had access to this book earlier – it would have saved me considerable trouble and broadened my understanding beyond the concepts I had of not being quite ‘right’ in my approach, my feelings and my life.”


—Catherine Noyce

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