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Depending on no-thing

Robert Saltzman


"Here’s a classic Robert Saltzman: “How do you ‘try out’ ‘universal consciousness?’ Just declare yourself ‘universally conscious’ and assess how that makes you feel? Oh, please.”

Robert is closely related, I believe, to a certain small boy who pointed out that the gorgeously arrayed emperor was actually being driven through the streets stark naked. And yet, at the same time, while ripping apart the defenceless pretensions of a spiritual teacher, he’s disarmingly honest and humble. If it’s possible for a man to be arrogantly humble, then that man’s initials are R.S.

This is what I like about Robert’s approach—I hope you do too: “Honesty about not knowing is, in my experience, where equanimity is to be found. What we actually know is precious little, so many of us fill the apparent emptiness by pretending that believing is the same as knowing. When one believes without actually knowing, then there is always lingering doubt to deal with—even if only unconsciously.”

From the foreword by Catherine Noyce

Paperback edition USA:

Paperback edition UK:

Kindle edition USA:

Kindle edition UK:

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6" x 9", p. 636,  isbn: 978-1-9993535-9-9


"In his first book and, now in his latest, Depending On No-Thing, Robert has brought "Awakening" out of the Ashram, Zendo, and Temple, and out into the street. Belief, Magical Thinking, and Blind Following are exposed as snake oil. No robes, beads, veganism, chanting, scriptures, celibacy, or incense required. Robert writes, "All you can do is be here in this moment. Breathe in, breathe out. When you feel thirsty, drink something. Eat enough to keep the body going. Sleep, walk around, carry out tasks, do your work, laugh, cry. Each moment must be chewed and swallowed up as best you can." reviewer

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