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Looking Through God’s Eye
Han van den Boogaard

In 2017, after several years of declining health, Han van den Boogaard suffered a severe cardiac arrest that left him in a coma for five days. When he woke up, he started looking at the world with new eyes. To his immense surprise, the ‘usual’ was replaced by the ‘wondrous and the incomprehensible’, and he began to see the earth as the earth must see itself, fully aware that, in the words of Meister Eckhart, “the eye with which I see God, is the same eye with which God sees me.”

In the first part of Looking Through God’s Eyes, the author describes how he started to use his senses more deliberately and consciously than ever before, walking almost every day in the beautiful surroundings of his home town in the east of The Netherlands and in the south of France. Each of the five senses is highlighted in a separate chapter, connecting immediate perception with the wisdom of non-dual awareness. This awareness is further expanded upon in the second part of the book, which consists of an email conversation with a man having some urgent questions about death and personal inadequacy.

In the third and final part, the author explains, based on an essay by a famous 13th Century Zen teacher, Dogen Eihei, that Being and time cannot be separated, in the same way that Consciousness and ‘the content of Consciousness’ can’t be separated.

By presenting his views on life and death and the Oneness of all that is in three very different ways, the author shows that this Oneness is not bound to a specific vocabulary or use of concepts, but that its truth is universal and can be experienced by everyone!

About the Author

Han van den Boogaard was the chief editor of the Dutch non-duality magazine InZicht for ten years, before a serious deterioration in his physical health forced him to stop his work as an editor.


Early in his twenties a search for truth was started when he heard tapes of Osho. In 1981 he visited his ashram in Poona. Later he got involved in Zen Buddhism and the teachings of Barry Long. His search finally came to an end when he read the works of Ramana Maharshi, of whom he wrote a biography. Since then he has written several books on non-duality, one of them being Memories of Now, which was published in 2013 by Non-Duality Press. He has also translated more than twenty books on non-duality, from authors such as Jeff Foster, Rupert Spira, Tony Parsons, Ramesh Balsekar and Darryl Bailey.


Besides being a writer and translator, Han spent his working life as a journalist, teacher and clinical psychologist. In this latter capacity he worked for more than fifteen years at a centre for people with a double sensory disability (mainly deafness and blindness). He is married and very pleased with the recent birth of his first grandchild.


Since his health problems have put an end to his working life, Han enjoys taking long walks along the River Rhine and in the hills and forests of the area where he lives, near the German border in the east of Holland. On occasion he holds meetings on non-duality in The Netherlands and Belgium.

You can contact him through his website:

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"With the eyes of a newborn, he looked at his old world. With precision and detail, almost diary-like, he writes about what he sees and reflects about the wonder, the mystery and the timeless Core of it all."

Karin Visser, author of The Freedom to Love

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