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The Mirage of Separation
​Billy Doyle


A beautiful collection of poetry by Billy Doyle, a long time student of Jean Klein and yoga teacher in the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. Billy writes:

"These writings come from a non-dualistic perspective. Our
focus is on the nature of our real identity. Until we come to
know it, we are lost in a world of ignorance.

Our basic mistake, and from which all other mistakes
arise, is to identify ourselves with an object: the body-mind.
In doing so we lose sight of our true nature, consciousness,
pure awareness, taking ourselves to be an expression of
life, rather than life itself. Thereby we become engrossed in
the world of a personalised I; it is this pseudo-I that usurps
our real identity.

This I-image, the ego, is no more than a collection of
shifting ideas and experiences, with no independent reality.
In taking ourselves to be a separate entity we have come
adrift from our homeground, and inevitably fear and desire
arise. In compensation we pursue happiness and security and
try to escape pain and sorrow."

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5.5" x 8.5", p. 138,  isbn: 978-1-9993535-7-5


“At night , before going to sleep, reading these delicate and inspiring poems puts me in a mood of introspection and inspires great dreams.”

— reviewer

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