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Living Truth

Jean Klein

“Enlightenment is the moment when there is the absolute understanding that what you call the ‘I’ is nothing other than a fabrication of the mind. This understanding frees the mind and you feel yourself in not-knowing, in openness.”


“When you are established in truth you live your autonomy; in other words, you are free, free from what you are not. You are a happy being. When you look deeply at all your motives, you will see that you are looking for happiness. Very often you have moments of happiness but the ego appropriates them for itself and makes them psychological. Psychological happiness has nothing to do with the ultimate happiness where there is no cause of the happiness and no me who is happy.”


“Ask yourself first, ‘Who is looking for liberation? Who finds himself in bondage?’ In

that question you will find the answer because you will see that there is nothing, there

is nobody.”




Kindle Edition



5.5" x 8.5", p.278,  Isbn: 978-1-8383836-6-4

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