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"What the..."

A Conversation about living

Darryl Bailey

After a long break from writing, Darryl returns with an unsparingly honest account of his own journey, from the confusion of teenage spirituality, through years of intense practice and contact with teachers—and working to earn a living in many countries. Darryl tells of his experiences of being an international ‘teacher’: how he reacted to the projections and requests for a formula for living, his own realisations and his current gently dynamic approach.

Darryl’s journey through searching, realisations, disillusionments and what came after has led him to a new, fresh and clear perspective. He invites us to explore our own experience, pointing to what most people overlook or ignore, asking some essential questions and considering some surprising answers.

About the author
Spontaneously drawn to meditation at age fourteen, Darryl spent the next 17 years exploring awareness and concentration within Eastern and Western traditions.  He then spent 9 years with mindfulness teacher Ruth Denison and another 6 years as a meditation monk in the Thai Forest Tradition, under the guidance of Ajahn Sumedho.

Darryl now works with a simple yet profound approach: a very gentle but constant consideration of our common experience.  

Darryl is the author of three other books, Dismantling the Fantasy, Essence Revisited and Buddhessence.


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Purchase from

​Paperback | ISBN:978-1-9993535-4-4 | 5" x 8" | 104p |
1st May 2019


Joan Tollifson writes:

"I just finished reading Darryl Bailey’s new book “What the…” A Conversation about Living – it’s a great book. Darryl delivers his usual essential message with the spare and eloquent simplicity of his previous books, but this book includes some of his personal story, his journey and how he came to this understanding. It also poses five questions for inquiry and exploration to help one open to the felt-reality of what he’s pointing to: that time is an illusion; that it is always Now; that there is no way to know or say what this immediate, vibrant happening actually is; that everything is changing and that no separate or persisting “things” ever actually form or exist; that without thinking, there is simply this vibrant happening; that there is no “I” who is in control, making choices or making anything happen; and that everything is happening on its own. He emphasizes that everyone is a completely unique expression of the universe, that his life cannot be a model for anyone else, and that everything is unfolding in the only way possible."


Another awesome book by Darryl that clarifies non-duality ideology and points to the flow of beingness and actuality rather than fixated conceptual story-making.... Highly recommended! review, July 2019

For those readers seeking for peace and contentment, Darryl's previous books never gave us a practice to follow in order to achieve this, but in a very clear and jargon-free way he always pointed us back to our own lives, and our own experience, along with a gentle nudge to perhaps see these from a different perspective.
In this new book he shares with us his own long and varied path of investigation which many of us vintage seekers may find not only illuminating and leaving us with fellow feeling, but with the realization that our efforts may not have been in vain. In the last few chapters he leaves us with 5 important points to explore. These encapsulate his main teachings both from his books and excellent podcasts. If we investigate these points as he suggests, and ponder their relevance to our daily lives, then what more do we need? review, July 2019

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