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Advaitaholics Anonymous Vol.II

A Manifesto for Spiritual Anarchy

Shiv Sengupta

A much-needed antidote for the times we live in …

Spiritual anarchy is about self-governance —we no longer need to be led, guided, instructed, advised, rewarded, and even punished so that we feel that we are on the right path in our lives.

Spiritual anarchy begins with a stripping away of the narratives that we have invented as a civilization. The experience of living is whittled down to the very core until we are brought to the heart of it—the self in its rawest and most unadulterated form.


We recognize that the essence we call a “self” and the essence we call “a universe” are one and the same even if their forms may differ. Finally, we choose to take responsibility for this essence in all its forms—including that of our self. 

This is spiritual anarchy. It is governance not just of a separate individual self. It is governance of the whole as our self.

Continuing with the same compelling formula of profane humor and captivating prose that made “Sobering Insights for Spiritual Addicts” such a ground-breaking work, in this second volume of the Advaitaholics Anonymous series, Shiv raises the stakes—challenging readers to get real.

For seekers, this book is where the rubber hits the road.

Shiv lives with his wife and two daughters in Western Canada and can be contacted via his website:


See below to read a sample.

Available from the 9th October




Kindle Edition



5.5" x 8.5", p.266,  Isbn: 978-1-9162903-4-1

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