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Fly Free
A Memoir of Love, Loss and Walking the Path
Dami Roelse

Across three continents, through baking heat and Himalayan snowstorms, Dami Roelse tells us how she learned the meaning of personal love, impersonal love, marriage, motherhood, rejection and friendship.

She was “born a seeker and a wanderer” and her travels form the framework for her inner journey. This is a spiritual and psychological journey that has etched itself onto her spirit, from a comfortable, conventional European childhood to communes in the USA to the wild places of the Himalayas.

Dami tells us how she met some of the great spiritual figures of the day, including Ram Dass, S.N. Goenka and Neem Karoli Baba, and how she used their teachings to forge her own personal path towards enlightenment.

So relevant to many of us today—women and men—is multi-generational family love and the demands of caring. As her husband is struck down by a slow degenerative disease, his character changes and Dami becomes a caregiver, who is eventually rejected by the changed personality that is now her husband. She finds the inner freedom that allows her to "fly free” and bless her husband with the same. Though we have the feeling of closure and acceptance at the end of the book, there is still a delicious feeling that Dami’s journeys are not over: there is still love, learning and life itself to be explored and relished.

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6" x 9", p.282,  Isbn: ​978-1-9-1629039-6

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