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Ocean of Silence

Billy Doyle

OCEAN OF SILENCE is a collection of writings and poems pointing to a non-dualistic understanding of reality. Concise and vibrant, these aphoristic poems question long-held notions of self and offer another possibility.

About the Author
Billy Doyle teaches Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition, with a foundation of non-duality. He experienced a strong spiritual orientation as a child and felt a particular resonance with the non-duality teachings of the East.

In the 1980’s he encountered Jean Klein, a master of Advaita Vedanta and Yoga. He was deeply affected by Dr.Klein’s presence and teaching and spent many years attending his retreats and dialogues. Jean Klein has been the underlying inspiration for his own teaching.

He is also the author of Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition: the art of listening and The Mirage of Separation, his first collection of poems on non-duality.

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Kindle Edition



8.5" x 5.5", p.130,  Isbn: 978-1-7397249-1-7

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